A report out of IT publication Petri recommends Microsoft is dealing with an opposition to Google’s progressively popular Chrome OS called Windows Lite, or maybe even simply ‘Lite.’ I’m getting a strong sense of deja vu.

If this all sounds familiar to you too, it’s Microsoft has actually been attempting to get away the concern of conventional Windows for many years. It had Windows RT in addition to Windows 8, and Windows 10 S gadgets were indicated to be Microsoft’s Chromebook killers. Lite appears to run in a comparable vein to Windows 10 S, just able to run Universal Windows Platform software application and Progressive Web Apps.

However it appears that with ‘Lite’ Microsoft may be attempting something various:

There are a number of recommendations to Lite OS in current Windows Expert develops and SDKs, according to Petri. These have actually assisted paint a photo for what Microsoft might be preparing with the OS.

The Petri report recommends this is not an OS that you will have the ability to purchase or will see in company and the business. It’s genuinely indicated for light-weight, always-on kind of gadgets, and Microsoft will distinguish it from mainstream Windows by offering a totally various user interface.

In reality, the report recommends it might not even be called Windows at all. Microsoft is developing something brand-new, and we may see Lite launching in something called Task Centaurus— which is obviously a larger variation of the long-rumored collapsible Surface area Phone, and which may be launched in the fall of2019 That Surface Area Phone– Task Andromeda– is allegedly still en route, it simply does not have a release timeframe.

There are no stringent information on when we may see more details on the brand-new OS, however Build 2019 looks like a winner. Thinking About how tame Build 2018 was, here’s hoping Microsoft has something more intriguing up its sleeve for next year.

What is Windows Lite? It’s Microsoft’s Chrome OS Killer
on Petri

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