Are you attempting to eliminate all your info from Facebook or are you simply attempting to conceal it? That’s the concern at the heart of your 2 options here.

Here’s the distinction:

Deactivation implies you can log back in whenever you desire and whatever will return as you left it. Your page will vanish for as long as your account stays shut down. Good friends can’t see it, and you’ll apparently vanish from Facebook. BUT! Ought to you ever select to go back to Facebook, you can merely log back in.

Removal implies what it seems like: You’re directly up erasing whatever you have actually ever placed on Facebook. This does not consist of messages sent out through Facebook Messenger, however does consist of actually whatever else (from your profile info to wall posts). You have actually got a brief window of time in between selecting removal and whatever really being erased; if you check in within a couple of days, you can still cancel the removal procedure.

Here’s Facebook’s main language on removal: “It might use up to 90 days from the start of the removal procedure to erase all of the important things you have actually published, like your images, status updates or other information kept in backup systems. While we are erasing this info, it is unattainable to other individuals utilizing Facebook.”