I have actually attempted almost every smartwatch and hybrid see there remains in my six-plus years as a tech item customer, and I constantly return to Withings watches.

I have actually been a fan of the brand name’s hybrid watches because the very first one came out in2015 It was the very first wearable I ‘d checked that I in fact liked. Ever since, the business has actually grown its variety of wearables to consist of numerous fantastic watches, consisting of the Steel HR

The Steel HR is genuinely ingenious worldwide of hybrid watches because it integrates a heart rate display and a little digital screen without jeopardizing its analog style. The watch isn’t large, it’s comfy to use, and it mixes in like a regular watch would.

It’s the best hybrid look for somebody who desires an appealing wrist watch that occurs to be almost as wise as a smartwatch, minus the bulk and futuristic appearance.

I have actually been using one every day for the previous year, and I do not picture I’ll be changing it with a various smartwatch or hybrid see at any time quickly. It’s my preferred wearable to date, and here’s why.


  • Measurements and weight: The 36 mm design has a 36.3 mm size and is 13 mm thick. The 40 mm design has a 39.5 mm size and is 13 mm thick
  • Weight: The 36 mm design is roughly 1.4 ounces (39 grams) and the 40 mm design is 1.7 ounces (49 grams)
  • Wristband: Bands been available in silicone and leather– 18 mm for 36 mm design and 20 mm for 40 mm design
  • Water resistance: As Much As 165- feet deep (50 meters, 5 air pressure or ATM)
  • Quiet alarm: A small vibration to wake you up at a predetermined time
  • Sensing Units: Heart rate infrared sensing unit, day-and-night movement sensing unit, MEMS three-axis accelerometer
  • Battery: Charges with a battery charger. Lasts approximately 25 days of typical usage, approximately 5 days in exercise mode, 20 extra days in power reserve mode (time and activity tracking just)



Initially glimpse, the Steel HR appears like a regular analog watch. It has a timeless round confront with inbounds marker around the edges to mark the hours, 2 hands, and a button on the side. Nevertheless, when you take a look at the watch face more carefully, you can see a couple of additional functions.

At 6 o’clock, there’s a little round dial with its own small hand and hash-marks counting up to 100%. This is where you can see how close you are to accomplishing the physical fitness objectives you established in the buddy smart device app, Withings HealthMate (iOS and Android). There’s likewise a little, round digital screen at 12 o’clock on the watch’s face that switches on when you push the button on the side of the watch. You can see the date, time, your metrics, and any alerts you established on this little screen. The screen, which utilizes a display screen innovation called OLED, is what sets the Steel HR apart from a lot of other hybrid watches and makes it closer to a real smartwatch.

My preferred feature of the Steel HR is its style: It’s the only hybrid watch that appears like a standard watch however likewise has a little digital display screen on its face. It’s the best mix of tech and design since it’s not big, large, geeky, futuristic, or extremely techy looking. In truth, nobody will understand that it’s not a basic watch from a fast glimpse.

It has all the beauty of a watch with the majority of the smarts of a smartwatch, thanks to the little display screen.

The Steel HR features a silicone strap, however you can pick to include another one if you ‘d like a leather or metal Milanese band, too. Withings has 12 various band colors in overall: 4 are leather straps, 7 are silicone straps, and one is a metal Milanese strap.

The bands utilize a pin system to snap in and out of the watch housing. Altering straps needs persistence and a fragile touch. I switched the silicone strap mine included for a good blush leather one in less than 10 minutes.

When it pertains to the watch housing, Withings offers you 2 color and size alternatives: increased silver or gold in 36 mm or 40 mm sizes. The watch face color is either black or white. I personally choose the black watch face since it conceals the small round black OLED screen for a more subtle appearance. The white watch face is likewise rather good, however, if you do not like dark color pattern.

The watch is likewise waterproof approximately 164 feet or 50 meters (5 ATM), so you can go swimming with it.

Physical fitness functions

Malarie Gokey/Business Expert

Possibly the greatest standout function of the Steel HR is its heart rate display, which keeps an eye on your heart rate 24/ 7. While a lot of hybrid watches provide fundamental action tracking, they do not have the capability to track your heart rate or completely track exercises. Because regard, the Steel HR is more like a complete smartwatch or innovative physical fitness tracker.

The watch immediately acknowledges and tape-records specific workouts, consisting of walking, running, and swimming. You can likewise pick 30 more exercise types, consisting of whatever from soccer and pilates to ping pong. I utilize it to track my runs and yoga sessions.

To begin logging an exercise, you simply long-press the button, and the watch will begin timing your exercise and tape-recording your constant heart rate. Based upon that details, the watch determines the number of calories you have actually burned. The Steel HR links to the GPS on your phone to inform you the range you have actually gone, the area of your exercise, and the elevation at that area.

In the app, you can get a post-workout summary that reveals you the length of time you remained in light, moderate, extreme, and peak heart rate zones. You can likewise see a map of your exercise in the app.

In addition to the activity tracking, the Steel HR can likewise keep tabs on your sleep. The HealthMate app will provide you a Sleep Rating based upon just how much light and deep sleep you got. The Sleep Rating is based upon your over night heart rate and any disruptions to your sleep. You can likewise set a quiet alarm to buzz and wake you up. I have actually constantly discovered this much more serene than the blaring of an alarm clock.

Smartwatch powers

Malarie Gokey/Business Expert

You can get alerts from more than 100 apps on Steel HR, consisting of workout apps like Fitbit, Run Keeper, Runtastic, Lose It!, MyFitnessPal, and more, along with messaging apps like WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and your phone’s basic messaging app. Other apps like Uber, Facebook, Twitter, and more can send you alerts, too, if you desire them to. Nevertheless, the more alerts you get, the quicker your watch’s battery life will vanish.

I personally choose getting as couple of alerts as possible, so mine just sends me informs for calls, texts, WhatsApp Messages, and Google Calendar Occasions. If I had Slack and Facebook Messenger alerts switched on, my watch would buzz constantly and its battery would pass away a quick death. I would likewise be far more nervous.

When I get an alert, my watch buzzes, and it scrolls throughout the little OLED screen. I enjoy having the ability to see either my calendar occasion’s title or see who’s calling or texting me at a glimpse, and I can even check out the start of messages as they scroll by.

With other hybrid watches, you just get the buzz at your wrist, and there’s no informing who’s attempting to call you or what’s taking place, so you get driven to take a look at your phone far more typically. With the Steel HR, you can glimpse at your wrist, see what’s up and choose whether you require to break out your phone to see the complete information. Because method, it’s far more like a completely geeked-out smartwatch.

The screen is much smaller sized, obviously, so it’s less disruptive when you get an alert in public or in a dark area like a theater. The brightness auto-adjusts to your settings, too, so it’s quickly noticeable without being overbright. You can summon the screen anytime you desire by pushing the button on the side of the watch. It’ll reveal you the date and time immediately, and if you wish to see other metrics like heart rate, actions, range took a trip, or calories burned, you just keep pushing the button to cycle through them.

The bottom line


Withings Steel HR is a distinct hybrid watch that straddles the line in between a smartwatch like the Apple Watch and a hybrid watch like the ones from Fossil.

  • Should you purchase it? Yes. I have actually checked almost every hybrid watch and smartwatch that’s come out over the previous 5 years, and Withings has long been among my preferred brand names Every hybrid see the business has actually made because its very first design– the Activite– has actually been fantastic, and the Steel HR is the very best one yet. It’s perfect for individuals who do not like the appearance of smartwatches however desire beneficial smartwatch tech like a heart rate sensing unit, excellent physical fitness tracking, and alerts.
  • What are your options? The Steel HR inhabits a distinct specific niche in the smartwatch world, so it’s difficult to discover a similar item. It has the appearance of a standard watch like other hybrids, however the addition of the little screen and heart rate display make it more state-of-the-art and comparable to a smartwatch. If you do not desire your hybrid watch to have a little screen or a heart rate display, you can get a more easy hybrid watch from Fossil, Skagen, Kate Spade, and numerous other brand names. We have actually attempted hybrid watches from these brand names, and they’re all appealing and well made, albeit less techy. If you wish to enter the opposite instructions and get a complete smartwatch, we advise the Apple Watch Series 4 or among the fantastic Android-based WearOS smartwatches, which we have actually likewise checked.

The Steel HR takes Withings views to brand-new heights highly, thanks to its integrated heart rate display and little screen that can show metrics and alerts. It’s a fantastic option for anybody who’s constantly desired the functions of a smartwatch in the kind of a standard, analog watch.

Pros: Heart rate display, little digital display screen, buzzes with alerts, excellent activity and exercise tracking, quiet alarm, good style, several color alternatives and surfaces

Cons: Pricey, leather bands expense additional

Purchase the Withings Steel HR watch from Withings for $17995