Leaked photos of a console purported to be the new Xbox Series X show us what the back of the console looks like. Considering these are the first photos we have that seem even somewhat legit, seeing the rear end of this particular console is actually kind of exciting.

The images first surfaced on Neogaf, and later appeared on Twitter. They show the front and back of a black rectangle that looks very much like the renders Microsoft itself showed during the reveal at the Game Awards.

Ordinarily leaks aren’t terribly impressive, and I’d be the first to do the typical internet commenter thing and cry “Faaaaake!” but this one definitely looks the part. It also dovetails with the report from Thurrott’s Brad Sams, who also confirms that it’s the same machine he’s seen. Gizmodo also ran the serial number on Microsoft’s website, which returns a “Non-specific” device. I’m all for circumspection, but all signs are green that it’s the real deal.

From what we can see, the console is covered with vents — there are some to each side of the ports. We have an HDMI port, two USBs on the back (one more on the front), an Ethernet port, power and audio, and a mystery rectangular slot with no label. The front also has a disc drive in addition to the USB port. The Xbox One X has a very similar line-up, but the Series X is missing the HDMI-in slot, which means it might not allow you to connect a cable box to the console (I’m very curious to know how many of you would still want even want that in 2020, though).

The fact that it’s a prototype — it even says so right next to the barcode and wow, I do not want to be the Microsoft employee who let this one loose — is your metaphorical grain of salt. This might not look the same as the Series X we get at the end of the year. But still, it’s probably at least close to representative of the final product. As for that long, thin port, Sams says it’s for diagnostic reporting and likely won’t be on the final product.

As much as I like to wait for a big, splashy reveal, I almost want to see what the PS5 looks like now. Sony’s managed to keep its baby under wraps for a bit longer than Microsoft, and now I’m just curious to see if it’s deviated from the norm more than Microsoft.

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