We understand there’s no justice worldwide due to the fact that the C and w Awards, held previously this month, didn’t provide the night’s most distinguished award to Botnik Studios for its AI-generated lyrical work of art “You Can’t Take My Door.”

The tune, sung by human beings Elle O’Brien and Timothy Joyce, was composed by Recursive Neural Network, which was set by Botnik Studios. Similar to the majority of neural networks, the designers fed it information (jammed a lot of c and w into it), to produce a comparable, however distinct output (it spit some fresh lyrics). Report has it, TNW’s United States editor does the exact same thing if you feed him tacos.

Based upon our comprehensive research study into the obstacles associated with making it in the severe world of c and w (we saw “ Coyote Ugly“), it can’t come as great news that the makers have actually mastered the category. However we believe “You Can’t Take My Door” is objectively the best c and w tune ever composed. See on your own in the video– developed by Jonah Cooper– here:

There just isn’t a human alive with the imagination to compose these lyrics:

Oh you can’t take my door/ I do not wan na enjoy you any longer

Will not let my heart be my face/ barbed scotch great and scotch straight

No you can’t take my door

Botnik Studios’ achievement in expert system– absolutely nothing except showing its supremacy over human beings– represents an advancement. However not in the field of artificial intelligence. As this is the funniest AI-generated-something video we have actually ever seen, we ‘d state the accomplishment here remains in the world of funny.

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H/t: The Nerdist

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